(Start at Reily Flakey Sub)

Antonuever:I can't wait to see the trophies we've won.

So-Orinda:Let's go. (All go to the garage)

(Cut to the garage.)

(The Hilo, March soundtrack begins to play backwords)

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:(Laughter) Huh? (They see a 100th place trophy, a LOSER trophy, an L in sign language trophy, a big loser trophy and the video in a SpongeBob SquarePants episode, A Day Without Tears begins to play)

(Dollies run off wailing, Cut to Mega Town.)

Plankton:I hate to say this but, these dolls are the big losers of today. (He hears the dollies wail and walks away)

(Cut to the Mega Records.)

Plankton:Let's see today's losers.

(the list shows:


  • 1:Plankton/Mr.Krabs/Mr.Cherry/PN 1:38.94
  • 5:Reactor 15 1:39.17
  • 6:Bang Jan 1:39.80
  • 7:Brandon J. Marcellous 1:41.11
  • 8:Bubby00000 1:41.51
  • 9:Uberfuzzy 1:42.00
  • 10:Squidard 1:42.54
  • 11:Squidard 1000 1:42.98
  • 12:Titanic5555 1:43.17
  • 13:Titanic5556 1:43.57
  • 14:Fad 1:44.50
  • 15:Reactor 10 1:44.55
  • 16:AMK152 1:44.66
  • 17:Valmens 1:44.92
  • 18:Aladleledle 1:45.10
  • 19:Ajjaloudi 1:46.90
  • 20:SMProductions 1:47.10
  • 21:Mallinois 1:47.54
  • 22:Charitwo 1:47.99
  • 23:Papa528 1:48.24
  • 24:Ciencia Ai Poder 1:48.57
  • 25:Ernie and bert fan 1:48.93
  • 26:Splarka 1:49.21
  • 27:Mattc2911 1:49.83
  • 28:Default 1:50.22
  • 29:El Twoo 1:50.89
  • ---
  • 95:Aberghusten 4:08.29
  • 96:RFSGirls 5:33.29



DJ:All right, today's dance is "Robot".

Mr.Krabs:Ah, Beep beep boop bop. Beep beep boop beep.

Mr.Cherry:Why is Splarka on the board?

Plankton:Creator of the SpongeBob Wiki, i think.

PN:No! AMK152 is the creator!

Plankton:We have to find a way to bring him back where he came from, then.

Radio DJ: Now playing, Famous.


SpongeBob:Yolayolayolayolayoo. OK!

Plankton:Err! Err!


Plankton:Die! Shut Up! Shut Up! (Throws spongebob away)

SpongeBob:(jumps)I'm Ready!

Plankton:What? He can jump?

SpongeBob:Wow! I got 200 200 visions. (Plankton throws him)

Plankton:Now that did the trick.

SpongeBob:(jumps) I'm ready!


Mr.Cherry:Don't worry, i have a bucket car with heart holes.

Plankton:Let's go.

Valerie:We're almost there!

Announcer:Lap 2.

Mr.Cherry:Time to track down that SpongeBob.


Mr.Cherry:SpongeBob will stub his toe!

Mr.Krabs:Did somebody say "kib"?

Mr.Cherry:No! No! No! No! No! NO!

Mr.Krabs:Kisty Kib, the Kisty Kib, eat at the Kisty Kib! Agagagagagaga!

Mr.Cherry:That's gotta hurt.


Mr.Cherry:Poor SpongeBob.


Mr.Cherry:This is a sad thing, isn't it?

Plankton:Or not? He got hit by a car. Let's see if he still works. (Turns on SpongeBob)

SpongeBob:(jumps) I'm ready!

Mr.Cherry:Whaat? It still works?

Plankton:But, he got hit by a car, thrown over and over, and got hit by a bat, Many times, further start.


Announcer:Lap 3, Final Lap!

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:We're so close!

Plankton:Nail polish remover. Check.

Mr.Cherry:It is actually time to light SpongeBob on fire.

Mr.Krabs:Die, Die, Die! Die, SpongeBob, Die!

PN:He is going back to where he came from!


Plankton and friends:Die SpongeBob Die! (3x) (SpongeBob comes from a warp appaterous to Bikini Bottom)

Announcer:Today's winner, Abuhosgen!

Valerie:I knew we could do it!

So-Orinda:We did good! The winner is, Huh? Abuhosgen?

SpongeBob:Today, I start living! (cries and get hit by a boulder)