Squeeballs party gotten 2010.

Challenge LaddersEdit

10 pin bowlingEdit

Ladder Difficulty Objective
A Bowl in the Park Very Easy Knock over 20 pins with 8 throws.
Handy Bowler (Costs 20 green coins) Easy Knock over 30 pins with 8 throws.
Spare Squeeballs (Costs 30 green coins) Easy Knock over 10 pins with two throws.
Splitting Pins (Costs 40 blue coins) Normal Knock over pin nos. 1, 2, and 10 with one throw.
Opponent Beater (Costs 50 green coins) Normal Beat the opponent with 30 points in six throws.
No Gutter Ball (Costs 70 pink coins) Normal Throw four balls without getting gutter ball.
No When, No Want (Costs 90 yellow coins) Hard Knock over 15 pins with four throws.
Harder Challenge (Costs 120 green coins) Hard Beat the opponent with 50 points in 8 throws.
Lucky Seven (Costs 140 blue coins) Hard Knock over 33 pins in 7 throws.
Strike Squeeballs (Costs 160 red coins) Hard Knock over 10 pins in one throw.
Turkey Squeeballs (Costs 180 yellow coins) Expert Knock over all 10 pins in one throw three times.
Four Spares (Costs 200 brown coins) Expert Knock over all 10 pins four times.
Collectible Master (Costs 220 black coins) Expert Beat the opponent with 80 points in 18 throws.
Four Strikes (Costs 250 green coins) Expert Knock over all ten pins in one throw 4 times.


Ladder Difficulty Objective
Squeeball Smack Very Easy Score 500 points.
Too Fast Too Furryous (Costs 20 blue coins) Easy Hit 3 of 5 squeeballs.
In The Pen (Costs 30 orange coins) Easy Hit the correct Squeeball in the pen to score 8,000 points.
Squeeball Sapper (Costs 40 gray coins) Easy Hit 2 mines with 5 squeeballs.
The Short Game (Costs 50 yellow coins) Normal Score 5,000 points using only one squeeball.
Consecutive Decision (Costs 70 green coins) Normal Hit 20 squeeballs without missing one.
Craboom Avoiding (Costs 90 gray coins) Normal Hit 30 squeeballs without hitting a craboom.
HD Recorder (Costs 120 pink coins) Hard Score 10,000 points with 100 squeeballs.
Mine Hitter (Costs 140 yellow coins) Hard Hit all 8 mines using 25 squeeballs.
Squabboom (Costs 160 green coins, 80 gray coins) Hard Hit 40 squeeballs without hitting a craboom.
Me-OWWWWWWAAAAHHHH! (Costs 180 green coins, 80 yellow coins) Expert Hit 5 Mowmows by hitting no squeeball but mowmow.
Actusion Descertsive (Costs 200 yellow coins) Expert Hit 40 squeeballs without missing two.
Tenistation (Costs 220 blue coins, 100 green coins, 100 yellow coins, 100 orange coins, 100 red coins) Expert Score 100,000 points using 100 squeeballs.
Squeeball Stunner (Costs 250 gray coins) Expert Hit 100 squeeballs without hitting a craboom.


Ladder Difficulty Objective
Sausages Very Easy Make and grill 2 sausages for El Toro.
Vegetable Soup (Costs 20 green coins) Easy Make vegetable soup for El Toro.
Hot Dogs (Costs 40 brown coins) Easy Make and grill 2 hot dogs for El Toro. (NOTE: El Toro has Buns.)
Hunger Fangs (Costs 60 yellow coins) Easy Make an easy pancake for El Toro.
Aardi Casserole (Costs 90 yellow coins) Normal Make Aardi Casserole for El Toro.
Burnt Mowmow (Costs 120 green coins) Normal Fry Mowmow for El Toro.
Party Food (Costs 150 green coins, 20 pink coins) Normal Make party food for El Toro.
Onion Omelette (Costs 180 yellow coins) Hard Make Onion Omelette for El Toro.
Seafood Soup (Costs 100 orange coins, 100 pink coins) Hard Make Seafood Soup for El Toro.
Four Fried Green Squeeballs (Costs 240 green coins) Hard Make and grill 4 green sausages for El Toro.
Crying Onions (Costs 270 yellow coins) Hard Stir and hurt 20 crying onions for El Toro.
Squeeball Skeleton Ragdoll (Costs 300 brown coins, 20 yellow coins) Expert Use tongs to took squeeballs for El Toro.
Perfect Hamburger (Costs 120 brown coins, 80 yellow coins, 80 red coins, 40 green coins) Expert Make a perfect hamburger for El Toro.
Large Fries (Costs 420 yellow coins) Expert Make Large Fries for El Toro.


Ladder Difficulty Objective
Fuzzy Picture Very Easy Color in 30% of fuzz in 60 sec.
Octopus Ink (Costs 20 pink coins) Easy Color in 50% of octo in 60 sec.
Treeasy Does It (Costs 20 brown coins, 20 green coins) Easy Color in 50% of a tree. in 60 sec.
Caricature (Costs 30 red coins, 30 yellow coins) Easy Color in 70% of boris in 60 seconds using 20 squeeballs.
Splat and Blue (Costs 70 blue coins) Normal Color in 60% of bully in 60 seconds.
Squeeball Mosaic (Costs 30 red coins, 30 yellow coins, 30 green coins) Normal Color in 60% of the picture in 45 seconds using 15 squeeballs.
A Portrait of Sealife (Costs 40 orange coins, 40 Normal Color in 60% of the picture in 45 seconds using 30 squeeballs.
Watering Mowmow Hard Water Mowmow to 30% or less in 45 seconds using 20 squeeballs.
Family Picture Hard Color in 70% the family pic in 75 seconds.
Attention to Detail Hard Color in 95% of Stubby using 20 Squeeballs.
Water Painting Expert Water 60% of the picture in 60 seconds.
Splotchy Coloring Expert Color in 50% of the family picture in 60 seconds.
Picture Perfect Expert Color in 100% of Mowmow in 90 seconds.
Family Picture Perfect Expert Color in 100% of the family picture in 120 seconds.