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Walking Small Edit

Prod. Operation Name Advice
15 b.a.l.l. blugger ancestor length luggage The fish play volleyball.
14 s.u.r.f.i.n.g. slap u rinse incense navigation grub Scooter rides SpongeBob.
13 c.o.n.s.t.r.u.c.t.i.o.n. clammed on navigated sloppy terrific raction undesirable crickety tungy impact oncharge neoseekers SpongeBob recheers up everyone.
12 m.e.g.a.-b.u.c.k.e.t. mischavelous engertic grassy athlete - blugged unhere crime krust enchanted trucible Plankton wants to make his Mega Bucket
11 p.l.a.n.k.t.o.n.s.-r.e.v.e.n.g.e. please lie an no krust tap or nice sabotage - riction end vases engertic new, go entalic Plankton wants SpongeBob to be assertive.
10 t.a.n. ten assertive nonsneses SpongeBob picks up a Sandy carpet.
9 s.t.a.n.d.u.p.-g.u.y. slanted tall ancestors not do undesirable places - gas unincest youth SpongeBob doesn't know how to be a standup guy.
8 m.e.t.a.l.-d.e.t.e.c.t.o.r. metalic environment tolimate acrept luggage - detected engertic tolimate engertic crimewarred tolimate obvious roaches A fish takes SpongeBob's Metal Detector.
7 e.e.l.e.d. engertic equals libernated eel destruction An eel took SpongeBob's Ice Cream.
6 a.s.s.e.r.t.i.v.e. assertive subs seconds encounted right to impaction vealed, eclipsed SpongeBob and Plankton say messages to each other.
5 none Ice Cream SpongeBob licks one of Plankton's ice cream cones.
4 none TBA TBA
3 none Steppin' SpongeBob tried to buy an Ice Cream but instead,
2 none Card (Full Length) The Fish are trespassing.
1 none Card The Fish are trespassing.

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