Part 64:Training with Robo-2928Edit

Welcome to part 64 with Robo-2928 training in it. Yeah, the first one.

Now, we just have to put our pokemon onto level 70, using like Tentacools, Gyaradoses, and stuff like that. I'm going to use thunder on Gyaradoses.

Gyarados? Thunder!

Part 65:Training with the Two PlushesEdit

Welcome to part 65 with the training episode of the two plushes. Yeah, another.

Part 66:Training with Plankton, the Infernape!Edit

Welcome to part 66 with the training episode of Plankton, the Infernape!

Part 67:Training with GojiraEdit

Welcome to part 67 with the training episode of Gojira, yeah.

Part 68:Training with Lil' Rob, and E4Edit

Welcome to part 68 with the training episode of Lil' Rob, and Elite Four preperations, Put to music!

((gibberish) seems very intresting, it's just a video from my playlist)

(The Track was "On Fire" by Lil' Wayne)

Apparantly, the Track was On Fire, by Lil' Wayne. If you have trouble beating the elite four, Train your pokemon to Level 70!