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No. Title Info ProdCode
1 Episode 1 Xavier, Jessica, Megan, James Taylor, Nahil, and Nancy compete. In the end, James Taylor wins and gets slimed. 122
2 Episode 2 Samantha makes it to the final stage after beating the five Brainiacs and gets crowned and slimed. 139
3 Episode 3 Wave, Susie, Jordan, Boo, Lily, and Jacqueline go head to head to compete with each other. Boo wins but can only complete the first two paths. 114
4 Episode 4 TBA 109
5 Episode 5 Keegan, Mason, Sarah, Madison, Lillah and Spiro compete. In the end Spiro wins and gets slimed. 115
6 Episode 6 Matt in green, Kennedy in yellow, Nicole in blue, Vincent in purple, Noah in pink, and Ashley in red compete. In the end, Kennedy only wins the first two paths. 138
7 Episode 7 Sara in pink, Ariah in purple, Chase in green, Mario in yellow, Brian in red, and Kirsten in blue compete. After he beats Mario in the Knockout Round, Chase completes all 3 paths and gets slimed. 111
8 Episode 8

Danny in red, Nick in green, Eryn in blue, Athena in yellow, Zee in pink, and Timmy purple compete with each other. In Round 2, Athena beats Danny in the Knockout Round. However, she only complete the first two paths.

9 Episode 9 Remy in blue, Ken in green, Scotty in yellow, Ciana in pink, Cheyenne in purple, and VJ in red compete for charity. Ciana and Remy didn't miss a puzzle, but Cheyenne and VJ failed to make it passed. Ciana and Scotty lost in Level 2 so Remy beats Ken for KnockOut Round. In the end, Remy wins all three paths getting covered in slime. 107
10 Episode 10 Carson in green, Nick in red, Noah in purple, Celene in yellow, Sabyr in pink, and Jourdan in blue compete for charity. Carson completes all three paths and gets slimed. 104
11 Episode 11 TBA 105
12 Episode 12 Oscar in yellow, Victoria in purple, Caylie in pink, Patch in blue, Joey in red, and Vanessa in green compete. Patch is the Brainsurge champion, but he only completes the first two paths. 118
13 Episode 13 Antonio in red, Morgan in pink, Kassie in blue, Darnell in purple, Zak in green, and Syd in yellow compete against each other. After Kassie and Darnell lose in the first round, Morgan completes all three paths and gets the sliming of a life time. 134
14 Episode 14 After Priscilla and Zoya were eliminated in Round 2, Josh beat Alana in the Knockout Round. However, he can only complete the first two paths. 117
15 Episode 15 Jessie in yellow, Sam in red, Daphne in pink, Tyler in purple, Camille in blue, and TJ in green compete for charity. In the end, Camille is crowned BrainSurge champion. 106
16 Episode 16 TBA 108
17 Episode 17 TBA 119
18 Episode 18 Alex, Madison-Kate, Bennett, Siera, Kylie, and Sebastian compete for charity. Siera-250 points, Sebastian-210 points, Alex-200 points, Kylie-190 points, Bennett-150 points, Madison-Kate-30 points 103


Episode 19

Jerry Trainor, Ashley Argota, Miranda Cosgrove, Lil' JJ, Natt Wolff and Victoria Justice compete in this first celebrity edition of BrainSurge!



Episode 20

Matt Shively, Nathan Kress, Keke Palmer, Jenette McCurdy, Lily Collins, and Alex Wolff, compete in this second celebrity edition of BrainSurge!


Episode 1 Edit

Jeff Stuphen is the host of BrainSurge.
Ranking: Episode 122

  1. Megan 200p
  2. James Taylor 180p
  3. Jessica 170p
  4. Nahil 190p
  5. Nancy 130p
  6. Xavier 70p

Episode 4 Edit

Ranking: 109

  1. Patch 270p
  2. Vanessa 220p
  3. Oscar 180p
  4. Joey 250p
  5. Victoria 120p
  6. Caylie 70p


Episode 9 Edit

Ranking: 107

  1. Remy 350p
  2. Ken 250p
  3. Scotty 240p
  4. Ciana 300p
  5. Cheyenne 150p
  6. VJ 60p

Episode 13 Edit

Ranking: 134

  1. Spiro 250p 
  2. Madison 200p
  3. Mason 150p
  4. Sarah 300p
  5. Keegan 100p
  6. Lilah 100p

Episode 19: #1 Celebrity BrainsurgeEdit

Ranking: Episode 131

  1. Jerry Trainor 140p
  2. Ashley Argota 170p
  3. Nat Wolff 100p
  4. Miranda Cosgrove 110p
  5. Victoria Justice 30p
  6. Lil JJ 30p


Episode 20: #2 Celebrity Brainsurge Edit

Ranking: Episode 132

  1. Matt Shively 60p
  2. Alex Wolff 100p
  3. Nathan Kress 160p
  4. Lily Collins 90p
  5. Jenette McCurdy 60p
  6. Keke Palmer 40p

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Ranking Brainiac Name Gender Points Episode Ranking Episode
1 Vanessa Female 220 1 118
2 Matt Male 200 1 134
3 James Taylor Male 180 3 122
4 Jordan Male 130 2 114
5 Liam Male 120 3 115
6 Samantha Female 100 2 139
7 Chase Male 70 3 111
8 Nick Male 20 6 120

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Celebrity Transcript Edit

Level 1 (1)Edit

Jeff Stuphen:Welcome to a special edition of BrainSurge featuring the stars of Nickelodeon! Let's meet today's brainiacs. From iCarly, Jerry Trainor farted down the play during the school class. I Hope there was a dog around the way went on. From True Jackson, Ashley Argota once sang a note so high and made a picture frame fall off the wall. Did she crack the TV Screen? From iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove once did a wando de lumi fallin off' Nickelodeon Star Lil JJ Wayne loves to design cars. What about a BrainSurge sports car? From The NBB, Nat Wolff used to dress up like a superhero 24/7, Are you ready to get slime man?  And Nickelodeon Star Victoria Justice can take things up with toast, and would she like it? One of you guys are going home as a BrainSurge champion.

Level 1 (2) Edit

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BrainSurge~Hammer Edit

Episodes Edit

Season 1, Episode 1 Edit

Hammer is the host of BrainSurge~Hammer. Angelica, Nugget, Jilly, and Doggy compete for charity. and Angelica won for charity. First Appearance:Angelica, Hammer,  Nugget, Jilly, Doggy

Round 1:

  1. Angelica (160p)
  2. Nugget (150p)
  3. Jilly (100p)
  4. Doggy (10p)

Round 2:

  1. Angelica
  2. Nugget
  3. Jilly

Season 1, Episode 2 Edit

The player who got answers in the fastest gets a bonus 5! Angelica, Jasmine, Tikimom, and Angie compete for charity. Jasmine won for charity. First Appearance:Angie, Jasmine, Tikimom

Round 1:

  1. Angelica (250p)
  2. Angie (240p)
  3. Jasmine (225p)
  4. Tikimom (220p)

Round 2:

  1. Jasmine
  2. Angelica
  3. Angie

Season 1, Episode 3 Edit

Jasmine, Angie, Doggy, and M&M Reindeer compete for charity. Jasmine won for charity again. First Appearance:M&M Reindeer

Round 1:

  1. Jasmine (230p)
  2. Angie (200p)
  3. Doggy (190p)
  4. M&M Reindeer (180p)

Round 2:

  1. Jasmine
  2. Angie
  3. Doggy