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SpongeBob SquarePants Edit

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Season 1 Edit

300px-Help Wanted
Help Wanted 1.5.1999 102 January 21, 2000
300px-Reef Blower
Reef Blower 1.5.1999
1c Tea at the Treedome 1.5.1999
2a Bubblestand 17.7.1999 101 January 22, 2000
2b Ripped Pants 17.7.1999 January 23, 2000
3a Jellyfishing 31.7.1999 103 January 31, 2000
3b Plankton! 31.7.1999 February 1, 2000
4a Naughty Nautical Neighbors 7.8.1999 106 February 2, 2000
4b Boating School 7.8.1999 February 3, 2000
5a Pizza Delivery 14.8.1999 104 February 4, 2000
5b Home Sweet Pineapple 14.8.1999 February 12, 2000
6a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 21.8.1999 105 February 13, 2000
6b Pickles 21.8.1999 February 16, 2000
7a Hall Monitor 28.8.1999 107 February 17, 2000
7b Jellyfish Jam 31.8.1999 February 18, 2000
8a Culture Shock 15.9.1999 110 February 25, 2000
8b F.U.N. 20.9.1999 March 2, 2000
9a Walking Small 25.9.1999 119 March 29, 2000
9b Neptune's Spatula 30.9.1999 April 2, 2000
10a The Chaperone 12.10.1999 112 April 10, 2000
10b Employee of the Month 19.10.1999
11a MuscleBob BuffPants 23.10.1999

Squidward, The Unfriendly Ghost

12a Scaredy Pants 31.10.1999
12b I Was a Teenage Gary 2.11.1999
13a Sandy's Rocket 4.11.1999
13b Squeaky Boots 6.11.1999
14a Nature Pants 8.11.1999
14b Opposite Day 11.11.1999
15a SpongeBob 129 25.12.1999
15b Karate Choppers 31.12.1999
16a Sleepy Time 10.1.2000
16b Suds 17.1.2000
17a Valentine's Day 14.2.2000
17b The Paper 1.3.2000
18a Arrgh! 8.3.2000
18b Rock Bottom 15.3.2000
19a Texas 22.3.2000
19b Fools In April 29.3.2000
20a Hooky 1.4.2000
20b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II 8.4.2000

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Season 2 2000-03Edit

Season 2
Episode No. Card Episode Name Aired
21a Your Shoe's Untied 10.7.2000
21b Squid's Day Off 10.7.2000
22a Something Smells 17.7.2000
22b Bossy Boots 17.7.2000
23a Big Pink Loser 24.7.2000
23b Bubble Buddy 24.7.2000
24a Dying For Pie 31.7.2000
24b Imitation Krabs 31.7.2000
25a Wormy 16.2.2001
25b Patty Hype 16.2.2001
26a Grandma's Kisses 23.2.2001
26b Squidville 23.2.2001
27a PreHibernation Week 2.3.2001
27b Life of Crime 9.3.2001
28 Christmas Who? 25.12.2000
29a Survival of the Idiots 23.3.2001
29b Dumped 30.3.2001
29c The Krusty Treadmill


30a No Free Rides 13.4.2001
30b I'm Your Biggest Fanatic 20.4.2001
30c Plankton's Ramprage 27.8.2009
31a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III 27.4.2001
31b Squirrel Jokes 4.5.2001
32a Pressure 11.5.2001
32b The Smoking Peanut 18.5.2001
33a Shanghaied 25.5.2001
33b Gary Takes a Bath 12.4.2002
34a The Secret Box 1.6.2001
34b Band Geeks 8.6.2001
35a Graveyard Shift 13.9.2002
35b Krusty Love 15.6.2001
36a Procrasration 22.6.2001
36b I'm With Stupid 29.6.2001
37a Sailor Mouth 6.7.2001
37b Artist Unknown 13.7.2001
38a Jellyfish Hunter 20.7.2001
38b The Fry Cook Games 27.7.2001
39a Squid On Strike 3.8.2001
39b Sandy SpongeBob Worm 10.8.2001

Season 7 2009-10Edit

Season 7
Episode No. Card Name Airdate
121a Sand Castles in the Sand 16.3.2009
121b Shell Shocked 1.6.2009
122a Chum Caverns 18.7.2009
122b Single Cell Anniversary 3.6.2009
123+124 Truth or Square? 6.11.2009
125a Pineapple Fever 2.6.2009
125b Chum Bucket Supreme 19.7.2009
Neptune's Party 4.8.2010
128a Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy 19.7.2009
128b The Inside Job 19.7.2009
129a Growth Spout 19.7.2009
129b Stuck in the Wringer 19.7.2009
130a I Template:Love Dancing 19.7.2009
130b Squid TV 19.7.2009
131a The Curse of Bikini Bottom 23.10.2009
131b TBA TBA
132a Model Sponge 27.11.2009
132b Greasy Buffoons 27.11.2009

Rankings Edit

Ranking Episodes per number
100 Procrastination N/A Porous Pockets 612A
99 Hall Monitor N/A The Card 613B
98 Clams N/A Hooky 120A
97 Tea at the Treedome N/A Missing Identity 318A
96 Sailor Mouth N/A Pet or Pests 618A
95 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost N/A Le Big Switch 512A
94 Welcome to the Chum Bucket N/A House Fancy 601A
93 Bossy Boots N/A Sandy's Rocket 108A
92 Wet Painters N/A The Paper 116B
91 My Pretty Seahorse N/A Graveyard Shift 216A
90 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV N/A Nasty Patty 304A
89 Rock-a-bye Bivalve N/A Snowball Effect 306A
88 Squid on Strike N/A The Lost Mattress 402B
87 Home Sweet Pineapple N/A Stanley S. SquarePants 520B
86 Squirrel Jokes N/A The Chaperone 112A
85 Shell of a Man N/A A Life in A Day 606A
84 Fools in April N/A Rock Bottom 117A
83 Krusty Love N/A Dumped 209B
82 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired! N/A Wormy 205A
81 Dumped N/A Krabby Kronicle 609B
80 Bubblestand N/A Party Pooper Pants 311
79 Rock Bottom N/A Bummer Vacation 414A
78 SquidBob TentaclePants N/A Krab Borg 309A
77 Imitation Krabs N/A Hall Monitor 107A
76 Nasty Patty N/A One Krab's Trash 306B
75 Missing Identity N/A The Inmates of Summer 515A
74 Gary Takes a Bath N/A I Heart Dancing 705A
73 Texas N/A SpongeBob vs. The Big One 611
72 MuscleBob BuffPants N/A Suction Cup Symphony 603B
71 Party Pooper Pants N/A A Flea in Her Dome 510A
70 Sleepy Time N/A Spy Buddies 504A
69 Krabs vs. Plankton N/A Mid-Life Crustaecean 315B
68 Sandy's Rocket N/A Jellyfish Jam 107B
67 The Lost Mattress N/A The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 321+322
66 Plankton's Army N/A Patty Caper 608A
65 As Seen on TV N/A Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI 409B
64 Graveyard Shift N/A To Love a Patty 508A
63 SB-129 N/A The Secret Box 215A
62 Idiot Box N/A Frankendoodle 214B
61 Suds N/A Grooming Gary 610B
60 Whale of a Birthday N/A SpongeGuard on Duty 301B
59 The Fry Cook Games N/A Pickles 106B
58 No Weenies Allowed N/A My Pretty Seahorse 302B
57 Wormy N/A Where's Gary? 403
56 Hooky N/A Neptune's Spatula 119B
55 New Student Starfish N/A Fools in April 119A
54 Opposite Day N/A Help Wanted 101A
53 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI N/A Squidtastic Voyage 415A
52 Dying for Pie N/A Arrgh! 117A
51 SpongeBob Meets the Strangeler N/A SpongeHenge 519B
50 I Had an Accident N/A BlackJack 513C
49 Pressure N/A Clams 314A
48 Culture Shock N/A Best Day Ever 420A
47 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm N/A Chocolate With Nuts 312A
46 The Paper N/A I Had an Accident 316B
45 Chocolate With Nuts N/A Patty Hype 205B
44 Karate Choppers N/A The Algae's Always Greener 301A
43 Nature Pants N/A Club SpongeBob 302A
42 Neptune's Spatula N/A The Camping Episode 317B
41 I Was a Teenage Gary N/A Naughty Nautical Neighbors 104A
40 Jellyfishing N/A Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V 312B
39 Once Bitten N/A Pizza Delivery 105A
38 Band Geeks N/A Reef Blower 101B
37 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy N/A Good ol' Whatshisname 504C
36 Employee of the Month N/A Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy 709A
35 The Great Snail Race N/A Atlantis SquarePantis 511
34 Survival of the Idiots N/A Stuck in the Wringler 708B
33 No Free Rides N/A Artist Unknown 218B
32 Squid's Day Off N/A Sailor Mouth 218A
31 Krabby Land N/A No Hat for Pat 620A
30 Arrgh! N/A Valentine's Day 117A
29 Pizza Delivery N/A Toy Store of Doom 620B
28 Pre-Hibernation Week N/A The Fry Cook Games 219B
27 Pickles N/A Jellyfish Hunter 219A
26 Patty Hype N/A Tea at the Treedome 101C
25 Your Shoe's Untied N/A Plankton! 103B
24 Help Wanted N/A Bubblestand 102A
23 Bubble Buddy N/A Ripped Pants 102B
22 Skill Crane N/A Big Pink Loser 203A
21 Just one Bite N/A Krusty Love 216B
20 Snowball Effect N/A Boating School 104B
19 Scaredy Pants N/A Wet Painters 310A
18 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V N/A Walking Small 118B
17 Grandma's Kisses N/A Squilliam Returns 308B
16 Ugh N/A Plankton's Regular 608B
15 Krusty Krab Training Video N/A The Inside Job 709B
14 Friendly Unusual Neighbors N/A Squid TV 707A
13 Big Pink Loser N/A Goo Goo Gas 512B
12 All That Glitters N/A Friendly Unusual Neighbors 110B
11 Fear of a Krabby Patty N/A New Leaf 413A
10 Where's Gary? Suds Spongicus 603A
9 Selling Out Patty Hype Once Bitten 413B
8 Patrick SmartPants Valentine's Day Enemy In-Law 407A
7 The Camping Episode The Paper Plankton's Army 318B
6 New Leaf Help Wanted Band Geeks 215B
5 Ghost Host SB-129 Blackened Sponge 514A
4 Krusty Towers The Camping Episode Mermaid Man vs SpongeBob 514A
3 Dunces and Dragons Ripped Pants Imitation Krabs 204B
2 Wishing You Well Friendly Unusual Neighbors Krusty Krab Training Video 310B
1 Karate Island Pizza Delivery Banned in Bikini Bottom 520A

Fairly OddParents Edit

Season None Edit

  1. The Fairly OddParents!/Too Many Timmys!
  2. Where's the Wand?/Party of Three
  3. The Fairy Flu/The Temp
  4. The Zappys/Scout's Honor
  5. The Really Bad Day/Super Humor

Season One Edit

  1. The Big Problem/Power Mad!
  2. Spaced Out/Transparents
  3. Chin Up!/Dog's Day Afternoon